About Me

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Ashlee and I am an actress based in New York City! I grew up in Vancouver, Washington where I began theatre at six years old and haven’t stopped since.


During the pandemic I’ve tried to keep those creative muscles moving by taking numerous classes with Jen Waldmen’s Studio, The Growing Studio, and keeping up with voice lessons. Although this pandemic has been a difficult one, it’s allowed me to focus on my craft as well as evaluate what kind of artist I want to be. Since I’ve had time to reflect, here is my personal mission statement…


I am an artist, therefore I put humanity first. I aim to create art that is empathetic, inclusive, collaborative and explores the complexities of humanity. I value asking questions and creating connections through storytelling…and song! I seek to create, grow, and strive to stay curious.


Apart from theatre, I love to explore every coffee shop I can, bullet journal/write to my hearts content, analyze my friends birth charts, and am always down to grab a .99 slice of pizza. I also recently started a podcast with my roommates called wwwdot, so if you love podcasts check us out on all streaming platforms (Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Pocketcast, etc.) Plus, if you need a good movie/TV recommendation I am your girl! Thank you once again, for visiting my website. Let’s connect and create together (she's vaxed and ready to play)!